This is Nintera(ctive) and my name is Daniel Nordstrom. Yes, like the American department store. My story began in a small town in Sweden, and continued into the USA, the UK, and currently plays out in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is a story about discovering the capabilities of the web and learning the skills necessary to create great products while efficiently achieving your business goals.

The story of the man known as Mr. Nordstrom continues on. The short version talks about twelve years of web development; beginning with HTML and classic ASP at an early age, and continuing on to work for years with PHP and now Ruby. Between the lines you would find accumulated knowledge of C, C++, Java and JavaScript, among other languages and tools.

These days I focus exclusively on web development. My philisophy, which is at the core of Nintera(ctive), is to constantly learn and try new tools—both broadening and deepening our knowledge and understanding. This greatly benefits you, since we will be able to suggest and proficiently work with the best tool for each individual project.

While on the subject of benefits, I also spent a year in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, studying business and marketing as I have inherited my fathers entrepreneurial curiosity. After that, I went to England where I spent many working hours dealing with people, developing intrapersonal skills which came to be a great asset.

To sum up the story, I have found what I love doing; creating great solutions that make people happier and lives simpler. While I am good at what I do, much of my success is the result of infinite passion and a genuine interest and care in people and their projects—a sure path to cost-effective, accurate solutions.



Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. As we learn new tools, technologies and methods of working, we are able to tailor solutions even better to the needs of our clients. The Nintera philosophy is to not standardize, but to instead be able to choose the most suitable tool for each individual job and be proficient in working with it.

  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • Prototypal Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • Prototype.js, jQuery
  • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll, Rack
  • PHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony2
  • WordPress, Magento, Spree, Drupal
  • Linux server management
  • Deployment tools & revision control


Web Development

Both front-end and back-end development in a variety of CMSs, frameworks and platforms, including ecommerce.

Mobile Web

Besides developing for desktop, I also work with optimizations for mobile platforms. Depending on what you need, we can work with responsive design, a universal solution, or a dedicated mobile website.

CMS integration

Your website should have a content management system for easy editing of all your content. I will help you find and integrate a suitable system.

Custom solutions

Sometimes existing platforms just won’t cut it. I can provide you with a custom-built solution that is tailored to your needs.


I can give you the advice and help you need to achieve your web development goals. Remember that I specialize in selecting the right tools for each job.

Project management

If you have a project and/or talented web developers and designers that need management, I will take great care of them and your priorities.



NI.Slideshow is an open-source slideshow class for the Prototype.js Javascript framework. It was created when I needed a slideshow in Prototype.js but found no libraries for making one. It is of course written in Javascript using Prototype’s object orientation features, and though still in development, it definitely works.


CoffeeShop is one of my personal open-source, test-driven development projects currently in development. Built in Ruby using the Rack interface and a custom MVC implementation, it will enable the development of ecommerce front-ends using a JavaScript API without worrying about server-side technology. is the blog I have been authoring for many years. It was recently migrated from the WordPress platform to Jekyll, a Ruby site generator. Paired with good deployment procedures it is a great and very customizable solution for relatively tech-savvy writers. I have written a post about the migration, explaining the reasons behind it.

NI.JS [nice]

NI.JS is a minimalist Javascript library in development. It focuses on applying best practices and embracing prototypal, object-oriented JavaScript instead of obscuring the language like many other libraries do. It is being written during tutorial-like blog posts meant to teach people about the world’s most misunderstood programming language.